Our priority is to deliver the customers full information about the dispatched commodity. They constantly receive the information about the delivery status.

Due to the continuous communication, our customers are prepared for the reception of goods from DK-PROF in advance.

We care about the customer comfort by unloading the goods with lifts which are the part of our cars.

Safely and on time, we deliver the orders for the recipients from the whole country.

For further information about DK-PROF transport, please call 18 440 42 97


About the Company

ofirmieThe competitive market of garage doors and roller blinds producers constantly challenges our company. Coming up to the customers’ expectations, we optimize our products in terms of their usage and at the same time keep the low price level.



szkoleniaOur trainings guarentee further top-quality service of your recipients. We provide the extensive knowledge of production and installation technology of our products.



bezpieczne pakowanieDK-PROF pays particular attention to the correct packing of products. We care of the products quality from the production process to the ready product delivery.