The precise packing of DK-PROF products guarantee their safe delivery directly to the customer. On the basis of multi-yearly experience, we secure the products optimally adjusted to their technical parameters.

Garage doors are packed in a stable,wooden box which prevents from moving of the elements during the transport. Additionally, each element is foiled and carefully placed in the box.



Outside roller blinds and textiles are packed in specially designed tube made of the thick, multi-layered material. The tube construction allows for the ideal length adjustment to the individual length of the roller blind. The packages are produced in a few standard sizes so that they would be functional regardless of the type of product.


The mosquito nets produced in our company are also safely packed and secured during the transport.

The important element of the delivery process is easy and readable labelling of products. The advanced technology of codes in DK-PROF prevents from losing the products location.

About the Company

ofirmieThe competitive market of garage doors and roller blinds producers constantly challenges our company. Coming up to the customers’ expectations, we optimize our products in terms of their usage and at the same time keep the low price level.



szybki transportWe guarantee fast and safe transport of our products both in Poland and on the territory of the European Union.



szkoleniaOur trainings guarentee further top-quality service of your recipients. We provide the extensive knowledge of production and installation technology of our products.