DK-Smart Connect System

Bramy rolety DK-PROF
DK-Smart Connect System enables the control of garage doors and external roller shutters produced by DK-PROF and equipped with electric drives. The operation of DK-Smart Connect central unit is possible by means of a PC, notebook, tablet or smartphone with Internet access. The central unit is connected via Internet with a server that can be contacted online anytime from any location all around the world.
After logging to the system, you can control all the household devices connected to the DK-Smart Connect system. Any message sent to the central unit immediately results in the command execution and sending feedback to the user with the current device status.

Scheme of DK-Smart Connect System connection to DK-PROF Products

DK-Smart Connect Central Unit enables fast access via Internet to all the system functions. Owing to the option of using mobile devices with screens, the system programming and control are extremely simple.


DK-Smart Connect System Elements compatible with DK-PROF Products

The DK-Smart Connect System elements are designed in IO technology. It is a two-way cordless radio communication technology io-homecontrol® applied in many household devices. The additional advantage of the system is the opportunity of its integration with the gates and roller shutters’ drives which are based on RTS radio technology. Therefore, even older devices can be integrated with the TaHoma System.

Drives for external roller shutters IO


Oximo S Auto io 6 Nm SHORT


Oximo 50 io 10Nm, 15Nm, 20Nm

Motors for garage doors IO

Dexxo Pro io

Drive Dexxo Pro 800 io

Dexxo Pro io

Drive Dexxo Pro 1000 io

Dexxo Pro io

Remote control Keytis

Dexxo Pro io

Remote control Keytis 4 io with return communication



TaHoma® Central Unit

Telis Composio io Pure remote control, 40-channel

Telis Composio io Pearl, Silver Mat remote control, 40-channel

Impresario Chronis io Pure

Telis Composio io Pure

Impresario Chronis io Pearl/Silver Mat

Smoove 1 io Pure Shine wall-mounted remote control

Smoove 1 io Silver Shine wall-mounted remote control

Smoove 1 io Black Shine wall-mounted remote control

Frame for Smoove Pure

Frame for Smoove Black/ Silver/ Sliver Mat

Frame for Smoove Light Bamboo/ Amber Bamboo/ Solid Cherry/ Solid Walnut

Set & GO io

Pad io

Radio temperature sensor Thermins WireFree io

Amplifier for radio range Repeater io

TaHoma Scenario Player